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Foione|La Lotion Peau de Soie 160ML

Foione|La Lotion Peau de Soie 160ML

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If the skin changes, everyday will be special.

When it comes to skincare concerns, we tend to have countless concerns and pursue for the betterment of skin. For example, skincare imbalance, non-effectiveness though using many skincare products, lack of confidence at non-makeup-face, looks more aged person than other people, comparison with others who have soft skin and have transparent skin, and so on.... "

Best recommended for the following.

・Looking for both moisture and freshness
・Concern for rough feeling
・Non-effectiveness though using many skincare products


You will surprise how clear it is(even the sebum layer) because it restore the skin into soft texture and hydrated skin! Silky lotion makes you feel refreshing deeply till the inner layer of your skin.
Not only gives your skin soften but also even each part of your skin hydrated and moisturized perfectly.


Applying the lotion to the face repeatedly rather than applying at once.

Make it 3 to 5 times when applying the lotion, and layer it up from the entire face up to the neck and decollete portion.
Use the entire palm of your hand and slowly spread through.
Use the finger pad for the bumpy area such as eye surrondings.


*Apply to the cotton(until the cotton will be fully wet) and let it fully absorb to the skin by patting.
*Apply together with Crame Hight Performance(Moisturizing cream)
*All-skin type"


*Please read the CAUTION carefully before using this product.
*If you encounter skin problem or not compatible to your skin, please discontinue use.
*Please do not use to the sensitive eye area.

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